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I'm pulling my hair out trying to find a simple jquery gallery. I must be having a mental block because this has been far harder than it should be! The gallery needs to be very simple, with the following things:

  • No thumbnails
  • Not in a lightbox
  • Click image to go to next slide
  • Previous/next buttons
  • Basically reproducing the functionality of the slideshow found on this website:
  • Need to be able to have multiple instances of the gallery on one long page (I'm using scrollTo on a long vertical page for a portfolio and each section of the page will have its own gallery)

I know there are plugins out there that do this, but the ONLY things I seem to be able to find are ones which require the use of thumbnails to function properly. Thoughts?

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I made one just for you, :-)

Took ten minutes, and not tested at all, but should work with some minor adjustments, and it's super simple.

It's here:

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What took 3 hours of unsuccessful toil for me took 10 minutes for you. Cheers mate, really appreciate it. – Jascination Dec 26 '11 at 22:06

The cycle plugin is great:

Satisfies all your criteria except clicking the image to advance but that is an easy fix. You will do something like:

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