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has anyone found the property or object where the Culture of the assembly is safed. I only found it in the FullName Property, already lookedd in

  • Assembly Propeties
  • GetCustomAttributes(true)
  • GetManifestResourceInfo(resourcePaht)
  • ManifestModule (satellite assembly has no ManifestModule and so no Manifest information)
  • Evidence (NO)

I´m curious who tells the assembly which culture it supports and how?

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It is set by the [assembly: AssemblyCulture] attribute in AssemblyInfo.cs. Which should only ever have a non-empty string for satellite assemblies. –  Hans Passant Dec 26 '11 at 15:08
I´m talking about Properties and not about a text in a file, but thanks. –  Orri Dec 27 '11 at 7:43

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I found the answer.

It´s seems its really stored in the assemblyname. I create the assembly with the class AssemblyBuilder with the Class AssemblyName given to AssemblyBuilder.

The Class AssemblyNamen contains properties for Culture, Version, Keys and so on.

And so the AssemblyNamen contains all the important Information about the assembly.

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