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i am currently in the process of learning Symfony2. and i love its cleaniness and professionality

i am wondering what is the easiest way for me to implement this, and make my code easily extendable.

  1. my main site should be english ,,
  2. the second site should be arabic, and links reachable under,,
  3. when i click on chosing arabic language, i should be able to chose a different twig template, optimized for RTL (right to left)....and special CSS....etc

i know i can do this with routing and twig....but i cannot (yet) pinpoint the shortest path :oops: i would appreciate any help :)

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For i18n routing, checkout JMS's awesome JMSI18nRoutingBundle. As for per-language twig templates, there are multiple ways to skin this cat, however the most straightforward would be to create a per-language template file and define that when rendering. For example:

public function indexAction($name)
    return $this->render("AcmeHelloBundle:Hello:index.html.{$this->get('session')->getLocale()}.twig", array('name' => $name));

Make sure you create both index.html.en.twig and templates.

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sweet answer...thanks man will have a look at bundle and your idea and let you know – Confidence Dec 28 '11 at 0:16

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