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I see a lot sample but i don't find the something good for my problem.

This problem is : I have a program made in c#. I use the clickonce UNC system.

With the shortcut on the desktop, there is no problem.

But I want for sepecific users, add parameters like :

\server...directories...\myapplication.application /a:XXX /b:xxxx

The on the program the Environment.GetCommandLineArgs() doesn't work i haven't arguments.

The other sample speak about URI, but i user UNC installation not a URI link !!

Someone have the same problem and found a solution ?



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There is no way to do this with a ClickOnce application invoked via UNC path. The only way to pass anything like command line parameters to a ClickOnce application is via URL string query parameters, but that only works when invoking via URL, not UNC. (See Noyes: Smart Client Deployment with ClickOnce, chapter 8, first section.)

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