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I need to truncate string and rewrite it back to array

I have got a function where I get data from data base

 $data['about_text_list'] = $this->about_text_model->get_array();

I get these fields from data base : id, num, header, text, language

I need to strip_tags and truncate text with function word_limiter

        foreach ($data['about_text_list'] as $items)
            $data['about_text_list']['text'] = word_limiter($items['text'], 100);

            $data['about_text_list']['text'] = strip_tags($items['text']);

in view I do foreach

<? foreach ($about_text_list as $line) : ?>


<? endforeach; ?>

But I get error, please tell me how to do correct things like this...

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What error do you get? – RageZ Dec 26 '11 at 14:32
what is the error you are getting? – phirschybar Dec 26 '11 at 14:32
Can I assume the function calls in the foreach loop are only example code? You are rewriting the same field in each line. – rcdmk Dec 26 '11 at 14:36
no errors ... displaying results in view text is full not 100 and all images , youtube video display .... – Viktors Dec 26 '11 at 14:40
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In the loop in your controller, you're limiting the word count, then setting that to the value in the array. Then, you're overwriting that value with the strip_tags function. You're using both functions on the same value instead of using the altered values. (And I would strip the tags first, then limit the word count.)

You're also just overwriting the $data['about_text_list']['text'] value each iteration. I'm assuming this needs to be an array of 'text' values? I would create a new array with the updated content and merge your $data['about_text_list'] array with the new array.

Change that loop to this:

$newarray = array();
foreach ($data['about_text_list'] as $key => $value)
    $item_text = $value['text'];
    $altered = strip_tags($item_text);
    $newarray[$key]['text'] = word_limiter($altered, 100);
$data['about_text_list'] = array_merge($data['about_text_list'], $newarray);

// here, you create a new empty array,
// then loop through the array getting key and value of each item
// then cache the 'text' value in a variable
// then strip the tags from the text key in that item
// then create a new array that mirrors the original array and set 
//   that to the limited word count
// then, after the loop is finished, merge the original and altered arrays
//   the altered array values will override the original values

Also, I'm not sure what your error is (as you haven't told us), but make sure you're loading the text helper to give you access to the word_limiter function:


Of course, this all depends on the structure of your array, which I'm guessing at right now.

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