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How do I match a string in bison grammar? A string that stands for itself like "polySphere" let's say. Will I have to create a token in the .lex file like POLYSPHERE and then use that in bison? Can't I just use the string directly?


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You could recognize the string in bison character by character, eg:

polysphere: 'p' 'o' 'l' 'y' 'S' 'p' 'h' 'e' 'r' 'e'

but that is rather ineffecient -- generally its much better to recognize the string in the lexer and return a single token

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you can't identify a string in your grammar.you will have an error like this :

multicharacter literal tokens not supported

you should simply add in your lex

"polySphere" { return POLYSPHERE; }

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