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Is there a way I can find out all elements of a given name in teh form history. In my firefox addon, I am adding some elements in the form-history under a specific name - lest say "search-description".

I now want to get all the elements I added under this name. I see that I can get a history object :

this.Ci = Components.interfaces;
this.Cc = Components.classes;
var historyObj = this.Cc[";1"].getService(this.Ci.nsIFormHistory2 || this.Ci.nsIFormHistory);

But the nsIFormHistory or nsIFormHistory2 interfaces do not have any function like:


Anyone can help me out in this?

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Usually, nsIFormHistory2.DBConnection property is used for querying, you access the SQLite table directly. Something like this (untested):

var completionListener =
  handleCompletion: function(reason) {},
  handleError: function(error) {},
  handleResult: function(result)
    var values = [];
    while (true)
      var row = result.getNextRow();
      if (!row)
    alert("Autocomplete values: " + values);
var query = "SELECT value " +
            "FROM moz_formhistory " +
            "WHERE fieldname='search-description'";
var statement = historyObj.DBConnection.createAsyncStatement(query);
historyObj.DBConnection.executeAsync([statement], 1, completionListener);

Note that using async API is recommended here, querying the database might take time.

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