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What is the difference between

Set Rowcount X


Select Top X *
From Z

in TSQL?

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Top can do a few more things for you. For one, you can specify a percentage, instead of an integer. You can also handle situations where ties in column values occur.


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The main difference is that top will only effect the query you are running while set rowcount will persist with the connection and apply to all queries executed within that connection.

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That fact is a tricky sob, issue. Is there any way to do set rowcount, that only affects the current query? –  crosenblum Mar 11 '11 at 18:44
@crosenblum if you do a SET ROWCOUNT 0 after the query, you should be fine. –  travis Apr 27 '12 at 22:31

In older versions of SQL Server (2005 and earlier I am not sure about 2008) you could not use a variable in a top statement so:

declare @rc int

set @rc=10

select top @rc * from myTable --Wont work

set rowcount @rc
select * from myTable --Will work
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2008 and above allows

declare @rc int

set @rc=10000

select top (@rc) * from myTable --will now work

but only if you use () this can be usefull to use hints like:


at the end allowing to select everithing but optimize for a more common case

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