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I am searching for some way to scale one instance of tornado application to many. I have 5 servers and want to run at each 4 instances of application. The main issue I don't know how to resolve - is to make communication between instances in right way. I see next approaches to make it:

  • Use memcached for sharing data. I don't think this approach is good, because much traffic would go to server with memcached. Therefore in the future there can be trafic-related issues.
  • Open sockets between each instance. As for me it will be too hard to maintain such way of communication.
  • Use tools like ZeroMQ. I am not familiar with this technology. Is it can be the way to scale application between servers?
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I'm actually looking at something similar and the thought I have come up with is this. Use the Python Multiprocessing module ( ) to link the processes together in that way on the individual servers. Then use a memcached server for session specific data. (SessionIDs, IP information, information used to tie the session to a specific user and to the thread of activity they are using) The rest being data driven from a DB instance.

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