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Simple model: A User can have several friends (=other users).

This could be a representation of a user:

"name" : "Chris",  
"friends" : {  
  "href" : "http://example.org/users/32gu/friends",  
  "rel" : "friends",  
  "total" : "2",  
  "elements": [  
   {"name" : "joe", "href" : "http://example.org/users/rzh4028"},  
   {"name" : "susan", "href" : "http://example.org/users/gv5333g"}  

I want to delete the friendship with Susan. DELETE http://example.org/users/gv5333g would delete Susan...bad. Something like DELETE http://example.org/users/32gu/friends?id=http://example.org/users/gv5333g wouldn't be that RESTful.

How can I delete a list item without adding a special association resource to my model, like proposed in Rails RESTful delete in nested resources?

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Having a unique ID on both users and friends would simply the code, and then you could do DELETE http://example.org/users/32gu/friends/rzh4028 –  Andrew Nesbitt Dec 26 '11 at 16:39
What property do you give up by adding an association resource? –  fumanchu Dec 27 '11 at 2:57
Thank you both! I realized that an association resource isn't hat bad. Actually I modeled resources like example.org/collection/item but when implementing I got confused. I'll try adding a FriendshipController and use users_friends_url(:userId) as URL. –  Ginkgochris Dec 27 '11 at 10:20

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