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I have a multi-series chart and want to highlight not only x and y coordinates of the point, but also the series name.

Is it possible?

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The simplest way I found to do it is like this:

$.jqplot('chart-id', values, {
    series: [ 
                  highlighter: { formatString: 'serie1: %s, %s'}
     axes : {
                 formatString:'%b %#d'
     highlighter: {
         show: true
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This worked for me, requires very little in the way of code changes and importantly does not touch the core jqPlot code. Should be the accepted answer for my money. –  dartacus Apr 9 '14 at 8:25

I needed the same functionality. I found this post


After reading this and examining the code, I made changes to plugins/jqplot.highlighter.js, line 292 (v1.0.0b2_r947) This is the "case 'xy'" block from switch (opts.tooltipAxes).


str = xstr; 


str = series.label + ": ";
str += xstr;

Now my series name is shown in the data point tool tips :) You could probably extend this by adding a new switch to the series options, but I wanted it to be on all the time.

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I needed the same functionality. But I prefared not to change the jqplot scripts myself and I used the solution presented here.

It is fairly straight forward. The benefit of this solution is that you can modify content of the tooltip without modifying the jqplot script. This way your code is independent of future updates.

For example, see below my solution, built extending the aforementioned example:

function myMove (ev, gridpos, datapos, neighbor, plot) {
    if (neighbor == null ) {
    if (neighbor != null ) {     
        var seriesName = plot.series[neighbor.seriesIndex].label;
        var x = neighbor.data[0];
        var y = neighbor.data[1];
        if(!lastNeighbor || (lastNeighbor.seriesIndex !== neighbor.seriesIndex || lastNeighbor.pointIndex !== neighbor.pointIndex)){
            var myText = "Series name="+seriesName+"<br/>Value="+y;
            $('#myToolTip').html(myText).css({left:gridpos.x, top:gridpos.y}).fadeIn();
    lastNeighbor = neighbor;
var lastNeighbor = null;
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