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I have an issue concerning the use of a remoteFunction component in java script function ; I am using Grails 1.3.7.

I have few div in a page which contain a div I want to update. Each div I want to update has its own id (fullUrlSaProfilDivX) where X is and unique ID in the page.

I want to update two div (one after one).

I created a java script function :

function removeSelectedProfilAssoc(urlSaId, profilAssocId) {
    ${ remoteFunction (action:"delete", update:'fullUrlSaProfilDiv'+urlSaId, controller:"profilAssoc", params:'\'id=\'+profilAssocId', options:[asynchronous:false]) };
    ${ remoteFunction (action:"listUrlSaProfil", controller:"profilAssoc", update:'lightUrlSaProfilDiv'+urlSaId, params:'\'\'+urlSaId') };

Called by a link :

<a href="javascript:void(0)" class="icons_delete" onclick="removeSelectedProfilAssoc(${profilAssocInstance?.urlSa?.id}, ${profilAssocInstance?.id})"></a>

I want to update the div linked with the button (linkage with unique id).

I can't figure out why in the generated page I got null instead of the id and the div is not refresh :

function removeSelectedProfilAssoc(urlSaId, profilAssocId) {
    new Ajax.Updater('fullUrlSaProfilDivnull','/_Pong2WAR/profilAssoc/delete',{asynchronous:false,evalScripts:true,parameters:'id='+profilAssocId});;
    new Ajax.Updater('lightUrlSaProfilDivnull','/_Pong2WAR/profilAssoc/listUrlSaProfil',{asynchronous:true,evalScripts:true,parameters:''+urlSaId});;

Am I doing something wrong ? How can I pass the id of the div I want to refresh and add it refreshed ?

Thank you for having a look !


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ahah, you are mixing up javascript and gsp. I did it many times also, it can be tricky to find out!

In your case urlSaId is a javascript var, but you are using it in a GSP function call so it will be null....

Unfortunatly the workaround is not easy since the remoteFunction won't let you concatenate properly the javascript variable in the update since what you want is:

new Ajax.Updater('fullUrlSaProfilDiv'+urlSaId,'/_Pong2WAR/profilAssoc/delete',{asynchronous:false,evalScripts:true,parameters:'id='+profilAssocId});

What i suggest is to build directly this Ajax.Updater(..) without the use of remoteFunction (or something similar):

  function removeSelectedProfilAssoc(urlSaId, profilAssocId) {
    new Ajax.Updater('fullUrlSaProfilDiv'+urlSaId,'${createLink(action:"delete", controller:"profilAssoc")}',{asynchronous:false,evalScripts:true,parameters:'id='+profilAssocId});
    new Ajax.Updater('lightUrlSaProfilDiv'+urlSaId,'${createLink(action:"listUrlSaProfil", controller:"profilAssoc")}',{asynchronous:true,evalScripts:true,parameters:''+urlSaId});;

On a side note now, i am always using jquery instead, it simplifies all ajax in your GSP.

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Thank you ! It does what I need now. –  Benjamin L. Dec 30 '11 at 12:12

replace remoteFunction by


where data are the parameters, url is /url/controller/function and divId is the name of div for update

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