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I'm using the oracle OIM 11g api (in packages oracle.iam). I use the class oracle.iam.platform.OIMClient to get all the OIM client services like UserManager.

I need to find the resources got with the provisioning workflows. Which service can I use? How can I do with the OIM api?

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The method below should export all resources into an XML file-

public Boolean export() {
    Boolean result = true;
    String export_object="Resource";
    try {
       FileWriter fstream = new FileWriter("OIMResources.xml");
       BufferedWriter out = new BufferedWriter(fstream);
       tcExportOperationsIntf moExportUtility = (tcExportOperationsIntf) ioUtilityFactory.getUtility("Thor.API.Operations.tcExportOperationsIntf");
       Collection<RootObject> lstObjects = moExportUtility.findObjects(export_object, "*");
       String s = moExportUtility.getExportXML(lstObjects, "*");    
       LOG.info(Resource + "Objects successfully exported");
   } catch (Exception e) {
        LOG.log(Level.SEVERE, "Exception occured while exporting OIM object" + Resource, e);
   return result;
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