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Is there a straightforward way (via defadvice or otherwise) to change the focus behavior of buffers such as help, grep, occur? In particular, I would like to modify the behavior of M-x occur to take me to the *Occur* buffer directly. Some modes (e.g. ESS) provide finer-grained control over the display of such "temporary" buffers, but is there a general strategy for buffers where such controls aren't provided?

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(add-hook 'occur-hook (lambda () (pop-to-buffer occur-buf)))

(add-hook 'help-mode-hook (lambda () (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer "*Help*"))))

(add-hook 'grep-mode-hook (lambda () (pop-to-buffer (get-buffer "*grep*"))))

A general approach, as an alternative, is to use special-display-regexps or special-display-buffer-names to make such buffers special-display, which puts them in a separate frame (and selects it). E.g.:

(setq special-display-regexps '("[ ]?[*][^*]+[*]"))
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Is it possible to change the special-display handler function to customize the focus behavior based on the buffer name? E.g. if the buffer name is "*Occur*" it would use pop-to-buffer instead of the default of putting it in a separate frame? That would make for a truly generic solution. –  Leo Alekseyev Dec 28 '11 at 21:25
1. Emacs 24 radically changes how things are done, and you can pretty much do anything you like, IIUC -- see the doc. 2. For older versions, "special-display" is pretty much geared toward a frame (you can specify frame properties etc. on a per buffer basis). But you can alternatively force a buffer to not use a separate window or frame. See the Emacs manual, nodes Special Buffer Frames and Force Same Window. A special-display handler function can of course do anything you want, but trying to get it not to use a separate frame would be contorted and clumsy. –  Drew Dec 29 '11 at 4:28
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