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I am new to databases. I have two sqlite3 databases of same size. I created dumps from both the databases and compared them with diffuse tool. They have zero differences. I have also compared the schema of both the databases & found them to be same. Finally I compared them using "sqlite compare" tool. It shows that both have exactly same data & schema. Yet both of them have different md5sums. I just needed to know what else might be different in them. Thanks in advance

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This is normal. A database can be fragmented, have gaps where rows were deleted which will affect the exact bytes stored on disc but not what a database client sees. This will depend not just on the current state of the database but also it's history: what is the sequence of inserts, updates, deletes etc that lead to the current state.

Operations like VACUUM don't change the stored data but do do things like reclaim empty space and so on, which would change the md5 sums.

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