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I have a template class in C++ that looks like this:

template <typename T, int xMax, int yMax, int zMax>
class Volume {
    T*[64][64] getDataPointer() {return data;} //compiler doesn't like this line
    T data[xMax][yMax][zMax];

typedef Volume<unsigned char, 64, 64, 64> Chunk;

The compiler doesn't like the return I have for getDataPointer(). I want to return the same type I would then use to pass to this function:

void perlin2D(unsigned char (*chunk)[64][64])

Can someone show me how to do that?

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You should probably use xMax, yMax and zMax instead of hardcoding 64 into the return type. Also, C doesn't have templates, so I removed the C tag. – Seth Carnegie Dec 26 '11 at 18:49
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Change the signature to :

T (*getDataPointer())[64][64] {return data;}
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T*** getDataPointer() {return data;} maybe you need something like this?

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