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I have a multidimensional array which, when echoed in PHP, looks like this:

}// etc.

As you can see, the date is the key to the arrays inside the multidimensional array. So I can select an array from the multidimensional array using the date as the key:



$.getJSON('file.php', function(data){
    var test='11-12-29';

When I test that in a browser, nothing is printed on the screen. Also, how would I go about looping through the whole of that array in jQuery and use the data inside that array's array.

I've been at this for hours now, and am pretty frustrated.

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can down-voter please explain? – user849137 Dec 26 '11 at 19:09
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The PHP output that you have echoed is not an array, it's a JSON object without comma separators, which means it's not correctly formed.

If you correct the syntax, you can access the objects in data through the index notation ([]), not the dot operator (.). So instead of accessing data like data.test, you should try data[test].

Assuming you name your JSON object myJson, here's how you can iterate thought it:

var myJson = {

for (var item in myJson)
    alert(myJson[item].visits + ", " + myJson[item].pageviews);
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Use data[test]. Your data.test is equal to data["test"], and there is no "test" property in your object.

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