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In multiple inheritance c++ with same attribute in suber class like this code

class A{
protected :
    int var;

class B{
protected :
    int var;    

class C: public A,B{


i must write A::var or B::var to determine the super class is there any way to redefine the attribute in C class like

#define AA = A::var
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Where is the question? –  SlavaNov Dec 26 '11 at 20:12

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Surely you may #define everything. But this is not a good altitude. Also AA would be defined everywhere in your code, not only in the scope of class C.

You may add:

using A::var;

So that var would be A::var by default.

Besides of this you may add a member function that would return you a reference to your member variable, if you don't want to add A:: everywhere.

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