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Is there a good way to distinguish between when I do a Ctrl+C to manually close all connections, and when a client disconnects from my server? They both seem to call the unbind method.

When I manually shut down using Ctrl+C, I can probably try to reconnect with the peers I'm connected to when I start back up because they are still online. If a client disconnects from me I don't want to try reconnecting to it for a while, because it probably shut down even though I'm still up.

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I was able to get the answer form the EventMachine google group.


Basically you can use EM.next_tick to run extra stuff that you wouldn't want to do on a ctrl-c (since the reactor shuts down and there is no next tick).

Here is my unbind method:

  def unbind
    # temporarily disconnect in a way that would reconnect next time
    @peer.update_attribute :connected, false

    # really disconnect, this is not called on ctrl-c
    EM.next_tick do
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Really nice ! that's a question I asked myself many times but I never bothered me enough to seek a real answer. – Schmurfy Jan 9 '12 at 10:28

CTRL+C is a signal to the running process, you can TRAP it, and it will looks like:

interrupted = false

trap("INT") { interrupted = true }

if interrupted
   # CTRL+C pressed
# rest of program

Similar way you can trap more signals, like HUP or KILL

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Does this trap work inside the unbind method, or has it already been trapped by then? Thanks for the help! – Brian Armstrong Dec 26 '11 at 22:43
github.com/eventmachine/eventmachine/blob/master/lib/em/… Here what I'v found in sources, so it looks like you can override the undbind behavior. – Stanislav O. Pogrebnyak Dec 26 '11 at 23:08
Hmm...yep I've overridden unbind but it appears too late. Eventmachine has already trapped the ctrl-c before entering unbind. I also tried overriding close_connection but it looks like eventmachine doesn't call this directly - your own can but it doesn't by default. – Brian Armstrong Dec 27 '11 at 6:02

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