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Possible Duplicate:
Why is this function returning “undefined”?

Let's assume I have the following JS function:

function getTileData(x, y, loc_slug) {
        url: "/sys/map-admin/show-location/"+loc_slug+"/get-tile/"+x+"-"+y+"/",
        success: function(data){
            alert(data); // Object, that's correct.
            **What do I need to make the whole getTileData function return data?**

and I call it within another function like

tile = getTileData(1, 2, 'asd');
alert(tile); // undefined
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You can set a async attribute as false ( as default is true ).

Script will be paused until the request is complete.

function getTileData(x, y, loc_slug) {

    var data; // create variable in getTileData scope;
        async: false, //
        url: "/sys/map-admin/show-location/"+loc_slug+"/get-tile/"+x+"-"+y+"/",
        success: function( d ){
            data = d; // write ajax result to `data` variable to be available outside this callback;
    return data;
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