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I want make a loop of my fold, get all the files and make a judge, print all the files name witch size are less than 10kb. But I get nothing from this code (no php error hint, just 0 result, and I am sure there has 10 files at lest < 10kb), where is the problem? Thanks.

$folder = dirname('__FILE__')."/../images/*";
foreach(glob($folder) as files){
 $size = filesize(files);
  echo files.'<br />';
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@Martin, Tim Cooper, user551841, thanks, but it still nothing return... –  cj333 Dec 26 '11 at 22:46
try my edit........ –  Martin. Dec 26 '11 at 23:17

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I think there's a typo, because


should be (without quotes)


and also, your variable files doesn't have a dollar sign

$size = filesize($files);

and also here echo $files

That's it, it should fix your problem

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  1. __FILE__ is a magic constant, therefore you cannot wrap it in quotes:

    $folder = dirname(__FILE__)."/../images/*";
  2. You missed a $ in files:

    $size = filesize($files);
    // and
    echo $files.'<br />';
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Are you sure

$folder = dirname('__FILE__')."/../images/*";

is valid? do you mean

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