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Transfer files between 2 iPhones over wifi?

I already have my device connected to another device over wifi, now what i need to do is to be able to send data between them. I followed a tutorial here:


Which got complicated and errorsome as soon as i imported the open source 'AsyncSocket'.

There must be a simple way to do it, just to use the network which I already have set up from a server to a client, to send a message across?

I'm using NSNetService and NSNetServiceBrowser. I hope somebody can help?

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I'd recommend using HTTP as a message protocol.

You get the benefit of being able to simulate messages using a web browser or a client tool, and HTTP Scoop is an excellent debugging tool.

The client-side code is all ready in NSURLConnection, and there are a few open source HTTP servers that are ready to integrate into your app. I'd recommend Matt Gallagher's implementation, I've used it very successfully to do exactly what you're describing.

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