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When laying out a page, what are the alternatives to <table>? I've read in various places that tables weren't good for trying to layout pages. What should I use? <div>?

<table align="center" width="100%" height="250">
     <td align="left" width="25%"><?php require_once("page1.php"); ?></td>
     <td align="left" width="25%"><?php require_once("page2.php"); ?></td>
     <td align="left" width="25%"><?php require_once("page3.php"); ?></td>
     <td align="left" width="25%"><?php require_once("page4.php"); ?></td>
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Check out a css grid system:

In a semantic, tableless layout, that code you posted would look something like this:


<div class="wrapper">
   <div><?php require_once("page1.php");?></div>
   <div><?php require_once("page1.php");?></div>
   <div><?php require_once("page1.php");?></div>
   <div><?php require_once("page1.php");?></div>


.wrapper { overflow-y:auto;}
.wrapper div { float:left;width:25%;}
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Done! Added overflow-y auto to .wrapper – Calvin Froedge Dec 26 '11 at 23:44
Better yet make that hidden. – PeeHaa Dec 26 '11 at 23:44

Try using CSS - it's faster and more reliable. There is a good article about this topic on A List Apart.

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   <li><?php require_once("page1.php");?></li>
   <li><?php require_once("page1.php");?></li>
   <li><?php require_once("page1.php");?></li>
   <li><?php require_once("page1.php");?></li>
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Why the extra div? – PeeHaa Dec 26 '11 at 23:42

Is there a better layout than <table>?

The question should be: Is there a worse layout than tables?

<div class="container">
  <div><?php require_once("page1.php"); ?></div>
  <div><?php require_once("page2.php"); ?></div>
  <div><?php require_once("page3.php"); ?></div>
  <div><?php require_once("page4.php"); ?></div>

.container { width: 100%; overflow: hidden; }
.container > div { float: left; width: 25%; }

Check out the demo.

Please note the overflow: hidden; trick on the container. This is because the inner divs have float: left;. When using float the container doesn't know the dimensions of the content. Because the divs are taken out of the normal flow of the document.

You should only use tables for tabular content NOT for layout purposes.

Rendering tables is slower than rendering divs. Tables are also less flexible. Also tables aren't semantically correct. (Well... divs aren't really sementic but hey it beats tables)

Another thing:

Please use CSS and keep you CSS separated from display logic.

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