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I have a variable named "$autovalue" . My another variable called $row1 and I want it to contain the value of "$autovalue" with a "_1" so that when I echo the $row1 it looks like this: 2011_1 (here 2011 is the value of $autovalue and " _1 " is what I want to include). I tried the following method but it is not working.

Could you please tell me how to achieve this ?

Thanks in Advance :)


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php.net/arrays –  todofixthis Dec 27 '11 at 1:52

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$row1 = $autovalue . "_1";
$row2 = $autovalue . "_2";
$row3 = $autovalue . "_3";
$row4 = $autovalue . "_4";
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Personally preferred:

$row1 = sprintf( '%s_1', $autovalue );

See the manual's page about sprintf for further information.

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$row1 = $autovalue."_".1;
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