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I have str1="A sample string". If the str1 contains sample, I need to echo something like match and otherwise not matching. I am not familiar with scripts. Please help me.

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If you are using newer ant, try...

<condition property="legal-password">
  <matches pattern="[1-9]" string="${user-input}"/>
<fail message="Your password should at least contain one number"
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If you just want to know if a substring exists in the string, you can use <contains> task together with <if> task from ant-contrib. If you want to scan for a pattern (a regexp) in a string, use <matches> instead of <contains>.

Check for examples in this page: Ant Manual: Condition Tasks

Also, a example:

    <contains string="a sample string" substring="sample" />
        <echo>not match</echo>
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