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I am pretty new to image capturing using java. Just started working in java.

  • What i want to ask is i have two flv videos i will like to combine. I searched the internet and many people said about xuggler.

I have a looked on it and did not found any documentation or tutorial regarding this.

  • I do have it that i will have to capture frames continuously and than add each frame with each other as i want a picture in picture video and than form the video from those frames.

Please can anyone help me out here , how to capture continuous frames from an flv file and join them so a new video output can be obtained. Any hint or tutorial will be great. Thank you. I am using adobe flash builder and red5.

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To be clear, by "combine" you mean appending one to the other? Or interlacing, composing or even something else? – Viruzzo Jan 17 '12 at 9:33
u can see two videos in one tab, means both videos running in one video simultaneously. But i have done so. I have actually combined two videos and then their audios too. Both saved in OutputVideo.flv and OutputAudio.mp3. I am facing the problem now, how to join these two files into one video file. – Muhammad Umar Jan 17 '12 at 9:52

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If you need to tutorials to get started on Xuggle I suggest that you take a look at Xuggle Wiki. This page should help you to understand basic use of video encoding/decoding. Then you should be able to adapt the source code of examples. I think you could use this example to combine your 2 flv files. Of course, you will need to change it to combine 2 video files.

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