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I have a UIViewController and I present an GTLMOAuth2ViewControllerTouch (google authentication), which is a view controller as well. I present that using "presentModalViewController." Then, after authentication succeeds, the GTLMOAuth2ViewController dismisses itself. Next, I attempt to present another UIViewController, at which point if I say:

[self presentModalViewController:anotherViewController animated:YES];

it does not work, and no view controller shows. However, if I put:

[self.view addSubview:anotherViewController.view];

it does work, except that the view seems to be too low on the screen.

Why can I not use presentModalViewController?

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I think it depends on the timing you call presentModalViewController. My recent experience in the similar situation is that you cannot call presentModalViewController before viewDidAppear is called. If you do, nothing will happen. But you can call addSubview in loadView or viewDidLoad, viewWillAppear and works perfectly fine.

I cannot answer "why" it is like this, but this is my observation. Hope this helps!

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