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I created a form with nested container, fieldset and there a few checkbox on the form too. as far as the form.getValues() can do it extract all values except the checkboxes so I want to extract the fields value manually. However the code sample I found so far

var values = {};
form.items.each( function(f) {
  values[f.getName()] = f.getValue();

not work because the loop can get only the container, fieldset etc but not the actual field (textfield, combo etc). Could someone show me how to proper recursively extract all the field value?


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It's because checkboxes dont hava a getSubmitData() which getValues() uses.

Try yourForm.getFieldValues() instead.

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Jerry, using this method I got yourForm.getFieldValues is not a function and I can't find this method in extjs docs –  c.sokun Dec 27 '11 at 7:00
Oh! found it Ext.form.Basic so here what I did Ext.widget('winform').form.getFieldValues(); –  c.sokun Dec 27 '11 at 7:12

In ExtJs 4.0 you can use:

var fieldValues = Ext.getCmp('yourForm').form.getFieldValues();
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