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I have a dummy_names table which contains random first_names and last_names. In the db, where there is a first_name for an entry, the last_name is NULL and vice versa.

I'm trying to write a scope that returns a random name (a random first_name + a random last_name from that able).

What am I doing wrong here...?

scope :random_name, lambda {
    fname = self.where('first_name IS NOT NULL').first
    lname = self.where('last_name IS NOT NULL').first
    fname.first_name.to_s + " " + lname.last_name.to_s
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here we go

#in your initializer
module ActiveRecord
  class Base
    def self.random
      if (c = count) != 0
        find(:first, :offset =>rand(c))

#in your model
def self.random_name
  "#{self.where('first_name IS NOT NULL').random.first_name} #{self.where('last_name IS NOT NULL').random.last_name}"
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btw: better would be a function random_first_name and random_last_name, just to be dry :P –  huan son Mar 14 '12 at 20:03

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