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There is requirement on deleting a particular file from the destination directory when installing/upgrading a new setup.exe.

I am doing a server installtion, meaning I need to install a setup into any network path \\[serverroot]\System first and then install the workstaion from that network directory.

Considering that there is a file FILE1.txt in \\[serverroot]\System already and this file needs to be deleted when installing/upgrading new setup.exe. It means the new version of FILE1.txt will be installed. It was not deleted now since the FILE1.txt has same version, it should not be changed.

The code I tried is below:

<DirectoryRef Id="SystemDir">
   <Component Id="Remove_zdf" Guid="C0C6CDE7-F10F-40E8-BE73-2AB3914622C1" DiskId="1">
      <RemoveFile Id="Removezdf" Name="goxs.zdf" On ="install" />

The above code is not working properly and also I am not sure that this is correct one.

Please give me some idea on how to delete an existing file from server root path thru WIX code. It would be more heplful if I get exact code, reference link on this.

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Are you trying to replace an existing file or remove a file which is not installed by your package? – mrnx Dec 28 '11 at 8:30
Please define "not working properly". Do you get a compiler error? Please generate a verbose msi log file and search for any entries with "RemoveFile" for more detailed messages on why the file could not be removed. For example, msiexec.exe Setup.msi /l*v – Rami A. Dec 30 '11 at 8:08
Hi Cosmin Pirvu , Thanks for the reply. I am trying to take a backup of existing file for roleback,then delete the file and install the new file. Thanks, – user1117113 Jan 2 '12 at 10:32

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