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I am successfully able to compile and run PLCrashReporter framework for ios simulator.with the help of this link

PLCrashReporter in XCode 4 - won't compile in Simulator

But when i replace libCrashReporter-iphonesimulator.a with libCrashReporter-iphoneos.a to test on device.all get stoped did not work application crash at

 PLCrashReporter *crashReporter = [PLCrashReporter sharedReporter];


any suggestion

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You shouldn't not have to replace the static library, but use a combined library for the simulator and device using lipo. The Xcode project being part of PLCrashReporter does that all for you. On the other hand, you could use the prebuilt version available on the PLCrashReporter website or QuincyKit which includes a prebuilt library with an additional wrapper around PLCrashReporter to safely handle the reports and submit them to you into a database (included) or HockeyApp service.

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