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I'm working on a Java project which provides some services to the Application. And the conf folder has a file called startup-management.xml.

Can anyone please explain the purpose of this xml and how to use it?

The file's content is as follows:


    <mbean class="some-class">
      <object_name properties="Name=XXX,Type=XXX"/>

      <attribute name="XXX"     value="${XXX}"/>
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well, because of the usage mbeans - which are management beans aka JMX, and the name of the file : "management", you could have a hint that these are the beans exported to be managed with JConsole for example or any other JMX Client. If you know or tried JMX (if not go ahead and read it), then things are pretty obvious. It has to do with Managed Beans in Java.

Cheers, Eugene

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