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I am new for the ASP.net. I have to build the web pages that will support Marathi language captions. I am using DIV tag for viewing the text in English in .aspx file. Now these text is need to be replaced by Marathi text.

Please guide how can i do that. Thank you.

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Resource files (.resx) may help you. Store all texts in resource files, and categorize them for each language (for instance, on folder for each language).

Suppose you have a folder "en" and in that folder a resource file "myResourceFile.resx". Then you can read them as follows:

HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("en/myResourceFile", "myDivText");
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Yes, i have created resource file (MultiLanguage.mr-IN.resx) and In that i have one entry with Name:GetReport with the corresponding value.. NOw following is the code in my .aspx file "<div class="row1_basicinfo_L"> Address of building: </div>" So how can i get this done. Thanks... –  Vijay Dec 27 '11 at 8:31
One way is to do like: <div><%=HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("MultiLanguage.mr-IN.resx","GetRepor‌​t");%></div> And the other way is to give the runat="server" and id="myDiv" attributes, and in the code behind: myDiv.innerHtml = HttpContext.GetGlobalResourceObject("MultiLanguage.mr-IN.resx","GetReport"); –  Kemal Taşkın Dec 27 '11 at 14:36
Thanx Kemal.... :) –  Vijay Dec 29 '11 at 4:41

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