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I have a font i'm using in a website, i have it in the following formats: woff, eot, svg.

Now, there's a designer i'm working with and he wants to create mockups with this font, but i can't find the original ttf file.

Is it possible to convert back a WOFF or EOT of SVG font file to TTF or OTF?

any help would be much appreciated!


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or was i supposed to ask this here: ? –  Talbatz Dec 27 '11 at 9:23
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The font formats you have are not compatible with desktop applications as you have indicated and there is a reason. The EOT and WOFF formats were developed to create a web/browser only usage and protect the font from unlicensed usage. The foundry who made the font would be the place to start your search for a TTF version of the font.

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Converting woff to ttf/otf is possible.

I'm yet to see an eot to ttf/otf converter though.

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