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I try to use first time MongoDB instead of MySQL in my Rails 3.1 app and I am a bit confuse about the rules around.

I know MongoDB is NoSQL and document database and stuffs like that. But what I would like to ask, is - I am accustomed from a work with MySQL with an associations between tables and scaffold generating and migrations.

Is it possible to use here with a work in MongoDB? I try to find a good tutorial for this on Google, but I still can't find the good source about it...

Have anyone any good a tip around this things?

Many thanks in advance.

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Please accept answers if they helped you. –  Tyler Brock Dec 27 '11 at 17:03

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ActiveRecord won't work with MongoDB. You need another library.

I recommend Mongoid. It's good, documentation is excellent. Check it out. It installs its own generators, so you can scaffold away. Oh, and you don't need migrations with MongoDB.

I also heard good things about MongoMapper.

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Thanks Sergei, Mongoid works me pretty fine. –  user984621 Dec 29 '11 at 23:26

Yes, I use Mongoid and it's really great.

It's very similar to ActiveRecord, and you can easily do the same things. There are also scaffolding for mongoid, for instance:

rails g scaffold article name:string content:text

will generate the article model and all the linked scaffold

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