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I want to read following custom section from app.config:

   <Folders name="a">
      <add folderType="Inst" path="c:\foo" />
      <add folderType="Prof" path="C:\foo1" />      
   <Folders name="b">
      <add folderType="Inst" path="c:\foo" />
      <add folderType="Prof" path="C:\foo1" />      

I found this link, but it does not say for multiple <Folders> tag. Please help?

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Please post you code and explain how it does not work for you. As it stands, this is a very poor quality question and should be closed. – Lazarus Dec 27 '11 at 10:19
Did you check out some of the links I posted in my answer to your earlier question?? stackoverflow.com/questions/8642247/… Those links would explain how to write a custom config section and how to read and use it, too – marc_s Dec 27 '11 at 10:44

Hi You can Access custom sections like this

CustomConfigClass section = (CustomConfigClass)ConfigurationManager.GetSection("StartupFolders");

Hope it helps you.

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