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Into the ndk sample folder there is 2 sample (bitmap-plasma) and (native-plasma). The first one write into a bitmap and then blit the bitmap on a surfaceview using AndroidBitmap_lockPixels. The second is a full C application that write directly to the screen using ANativeWindow_lock.

What I'd like to do is to draw directly on a surfaceview. Is it possible to do that with the ndk ?

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You mean, is there a way to lockPixels on a SurfaceView's surface? I would like to know the same thing. There is very little documentation about ANativeWindow (I haven't seen any docs on the internet and minimal documentation in header file comments); for starters, I would really like to know the relationship between ANativeWindow and Activities/Views, and whether it is possible to mix ANativeWindow with a traditional Java Activity. – Qwertie Apr 27 '12 at 22:44

Not sure if you guys still need help about this. There's another sample in NDK package, called native-media. There you can find an example of video playback onto a Surface object (which is passed in, as reference, to native source code).

They also provide an example of putting the video out using Java APIs instead, on the very same application.

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