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I know how to distribute the ad hoc app over-the-air to iPhone. (The ipa and manifest plist are on my website)

I add the following link in the download page:

<a href="itms-services://?action=download-manifest&amp;url=http://www.xxx.com/app.plist">Install the Application</a>

When my user click on the link, iPhone will automatically download and install the App.

But now I want to send the wifi configuration file(created from iPhone Configuration Utility) to iPhone by OTA. (Cause my App is allowed to be used only in a certain wifi environment created by me.)

If there's a similiar way to let my user download(and then automatically install) the wifi configuration file from website by simply click a link?

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I believe you should just host the file up on your server and have a second link on the download page. The .moblieconfig will be downloaded and the phone should detect what it is then prompt the user to install it.

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