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Please give me some examples on using OnEntry and OnExit action scripts in a Human Task in JBPM-5. When I write the action scripts on the node's property, it does not reflect in the bpmn2.0 XML. I understand that OnEntry and OnExit are not specifications of BPMN2.0, but if thats the case, how can we effectively use this feature on a Human task.

In my case, I want to send a notification email whenever the Human task is reached. I should be able to send a link to the process that task to the actor's email id.

Please help.

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I managed to find the solution myself. I manually added these lines in the xml within the UserTask node

        <tns:onEntry-script scriptFormat="">
            System.out.println("ON ENTRY : ");          
        <tns:onExit-script scriptFormat="">
                System.out.println("ON EXIT : ");

For sending emails, i am passing the process ID in the link. When the link is clicked, i use a servlet to retrieve the reserved task for that process id by querying and complete that task.

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