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Can i use switch case to check multiple condition? like for example either or of the condition fulfilled it will do its case?

switch (conditionA or conditionB fullfilled)
  { //execute code }
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what would be the advantage of the switch over a normal if? can you give an example of what you would do with it if it was possible? –  Roee Gavirel Dec 27 '11 at 11:28
Ok I actually want my robot to move forward when either button 1 or 2 is clicked. But somehow the other buttons will just follow the previous direction previously executed. –  user982209 Dec 27 '11 at 12:11

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No. In c++ switch case can be used only for checking values of one variable for equality:

switch (var) {
    case value1: /* ... */ break;
    case value2: /* ... */ break;
    /* ... */

But you can use multiple switches:

switch (var1) {
    case value1_1:
        switch (var2) {
            /* ... */
    /* ... */
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You cannot do that without hacks. The hack is to store the results of your conditions as bits within an int, and then switch based on the value of that int.


switch( (conditionA?1:0) | (conditionB?2:0) )
     case 0: //none of the conditions holds true
     case 1: //conditionA is true, conditionB is false
     case 2: //conditionB is true, conditionA is false
     case 3: //both conditions are true
     default: assert( false );

But I would not recommend that, because it is hard to understand and difficult to maintain.

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What about the fall-through feature of the switch/case construct?

    case case1:
        // do action for case1
    case case2:
    case case3:
        // do common action for cases 2 and 3
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