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I am creating a cloud application that will not have many clients in the beginning so I was thinking about creating my own cloud with XenServer to provide a service to my clients. The problem is that it is expected that this service will grow a lot and then I won't be able to attend the demand with my hardware.

My questions are: If I start using my own cloud, with XenServer, is it possible to move my cloud to the EC2? Do they work together? Is it hard to do that transfer?

I read somewhere that Citrix (XenServer's creator) is working together with Amazon to make using some tools easier, but as currently I am not using any of Citrix's or Amazon's tools I wouldn't know if those tools will be helpful to me. That's why I am here, to ask you, who have lots of experience with many things I haven't even heard of, to help me.

Thank you in advance for your help

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You can indeed import Virtual Machines into EC2, including Citrix ones:

Here are the full docs:

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