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I have created a dynamic listview with a link with id="a".

<ul id="accpmenu" data-role="listview" >

$("#accpmenu").append('<li><a href='+ "#" + ' id="a" ">'+ this.textContent +'</a>  </li>');

Now i want to identify the index of the element that I have clicked from this listview.

    //What should i write here to get the selected index?.

I want the index number based on this I need to load the dynamic XML.

Please help me in resolving this.

Thanks Shyam

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$('#accpmenu').on('click', ' > li', function () {
    var selected_index = $(this).index();

Here is a demo: http://jsfiddle.net/w2JZU/

This will bind an event handler to the list-items in the #accpmenu list for the click event that finds the index of the clicked list-item (compared to other list-item elements).

On a side-note you have what appears to be some invalid HTML in your code:

$("#accpmenu").append('<li><a href='+ "#" + ' id="a" ">'+ this.textContent +'</a>  </li>');

Should change to (notice the removed double-quote after the id attribute):

$("#accpmenu").append('<li><a href='+ "#" + ' id="a">'+ this.textContent +'</a>  </li>');

My example above added the click event handler to the li elements since it is easy to ascertain the index of the clicked element but you can also bind to links in the list:

$('#accpmenu').on('click', 'a', function () {

    //this gets the index by finding the first parent list-item element and getting it's index compared do its siblings
    var selected_index = $(this).parents('li').eq(0).index();

Note that .on() is new in jQuery 1.7 and in the cases above replaces .delegate() (from earlier versions).

Here are some docs for ya to help explain the above examples:

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Hai, Thanks for the solution but this is not working to my problem as my pages are dynamically generated.in each page i have a listview in that listview if i click on anything then it should load a second page for that i am using changePage() here it is leading to second page(but not loading) and again i am populating the data for the second page.Your example snippet is valid for static list but its not working for the dynamic list which are loaded dynamically. –  shyamshyre Dec 28 '11 at 8:55
Hai Jasper, Earlier i use to call different html pages each and everytimes using change page ( $.mobile.changePage("aacp.html","slideup");)In this scenario it wasnt working Now i had replace all the code and kept in single file now this is working. can you let me know the reason why its not wokring for diff files though i am not calling external. –  shyamshyre Dec 28 '11 at 9:26

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