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Query 1: Select * from table where fieldname = 'abc'

Query 2: Select * from table where fieldname = 'XY�'

  • My query 1 executes in 150mS
  • My query 2 executes in 5000mS

Both return zero results (abc and XY� do not exist in database).

Once I run query 2 and then rerun my query 1, query 1 starts taking longer time if it is run in same session (around 2000ms instead of earlier 150ms)

My fieldname is indexed (non-clustered index).

I am using Adaptive Server Enterprise/12.5.4

I tried to do a show plan for both. Both show same results.

My worries:

  1. Why queries with non ascii characters should take more time ? Is that something to do with indexes?
  2. Running query 2 should not impact my query 1 response time. Any ways to fix this?


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What does the table look like please, with indexes? And how does Select fieldname from table where fieldname = 'whatever' perform? –  gbn Dec 27 '11 at 12:42

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I found issue to my problem. TIBCO EMS does some changes to unicode chars(non ascii) which causes query plan in sybase to change to some non optimized query plan. When using prepared statements in Java query plan is cached ,as a result all future queries become slow.

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