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I am getting an install error when installing WWW-Mechanize-1.71 on perl 5.8.8 running on OSX

The error is:

t/local/nonascii.t ....... 1/5 No such field 'ValueOf'CF.{Ñ}'' at /WWW-Mechanize-1.71/blib/lib/WWW/ line 1407

Any hints on how I should debug this?

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Test results for WWW::M 1.71 from other people on darwin with Perl 5.8.8:… –  daxim Dec 27 '11 at 13:09

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Go to the unpacked directory. If you want to start over, either run the CPAN shell and issue the look command

$ cpan
cpan> look WWW::Mechanize

… or if you have cpanminus, run it with the --look option:

$ cpanm --look WWW::Mechanize

WWW-Mechanize-1.71$ perl Makefile.PL; make
WWW-Mechanize-1.71$ prove -bv t/local/nonascii.t

prove in verbose mode will make clear exactly which test is failing.

WWW-Mechanize-1.71$ perl -d -Mblib t/local/nonascii.t

Step through with the Perl debugger to find the cause of the failure.

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