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I develop Android app in Eclipse. I test it in emulator. This emulated device has emulated SD card. I want to put some files on this card. How can I do that?

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  • Select Device -> select the emulator (see step-1 in image)
  • Select File Explorer -> SDCard-> Select Directory (DCIM) (see step-2 in image)

  • select Push a file OntoDevice image -> select the file -> click on Open button (see step-3 in image) see the attached imageenter image description here

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You can push file into the Sd-card of emulators (Just check left/right arrow icon with mobile/floppy sign).

You find out the below view inside the DDMS, select a particular device from devices list, and then select File Explorer. (In short, steps are: DDMS -> device selection -> File Explorer)

enter image description here

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  1. Switch to DDMS perspective
  2. Open File Explorer
  3. Locate SD card(desired folder)
  4. There is one icon - Push a file onto the device
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Go to DDMS Perspective in Eclipse or open the ddms.bat application in the android-sdk/tools folder. Select your emulator in the list, then go to File -> Device -> File Explorer.. Select the sdcard and click the Push file onto device icon in the menu. This should work.

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