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Hi I have created a file temp.txt with the the content as below

ls -lrt

and then I am excuting the below command in dos

c:\>telnet machine_ip < temp.txt

Output is

Welcome to the Microsoft Telnet client
Escape character is 'ctrl+]'
C:\> Telnet>

How to automate the telnet session in windows with this method. I cant use any other exe(putty.exe) or tool to do this. I have to use the available things in windows xp. Suggest me also if any other way is there.

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I am not sure if you can pass the username and password to telnet program from a text file.

You can create a vbs script and use sendkeys to pass username and password.

Create a batch script which starts a telnet session of a box and then call the vbs script from the batch script using

CSCRIPT //NoLogo //B "C:\Path\to\Script>script.vbs"

Hope this helps!

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