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my $test = "<test1>INVOICE STATUS&lt";

I tried with regex as :

if ( $test =~  m/(<.*.>)/g){
print "matched $1";

The output obtained was "lt;test1>".

Can any one suggest the right function to be used, thanks in advance.

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You could try:



$_ = "&lt;test1&gt;INVOICE STATUS&lt;/test1&gt;&lt;test2&gt;NON-PO INVOICE&lt;/test2&gt;<o:p></o:p></b></p><p class=MsoPlainText><b>&lt;test3&gt;please specify&lt;/test3&gt;<o:p></o:p></b></p><p class=MsoPlainText><b>&lt;test4&gt;please specify&lt;/test&gt;";

        print "$1\n";


please specify
please specify
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First word matches letters or -, space, second word only letters.

EDIT: Or /&gt;(.*?)&lt;/g

you have the brackets reversed from how you want them in your original regex.

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$1 contains the last match of the first capturing group, which is delimited by ( and ).

Try : /&lt;(.*.)&gt;/ instead.

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