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Every ui is composed from small set of elementary elements e.g. text fields, areas, labels, etc, and approximately every gui framework ships default set of such elementary elements out of the box. But in case of the web, raw html elements without styling are too ugly, not only for demonstrating, but even for development and it's not easy for beginner to prettify all this stuff. I'm looking for some ready solution wich provides most common but rather complete set of web ui elements. I mean not frameworks, but just instructions how to build individual elements, something like this, but not only for buttons and toolbars.

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Have you looked at twitter bootstrap?

It's not a full framework, just nicely styled elements with instructions on how to use them.

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Thank you, it's exactly what I looked for! – Eldar Dec 27 '11 at 16:25

i hope this helps you.. on this page click the live demo button to see what the output is like and what changes you can make to satisfy your website need.

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Your best bet in the long run is to learn CSS, basically.

A few things to note in your statements:

raw html elements without styling are too ugly

That's because raw HTML elements aren't for presentation. They're for representing information. The presentation is applied via CSS, which should be kept separate from the HTML for a number of reasons (not the least of which is being able to swap out multiple designs easily).

it's not easy for beginner to prettify all this stuff

By definition, it's not easy for a beginner to do anything. Expertise takes time and practice. There are tools at your disposal (you linked to one, which can lead you to the jQuery UI library in general and other useful tools), and as you go along you can learn how to quickly and easily craft your user interfaces to suit your needs.

complete set of web ui elements

Define "complete set." It's not like, say, WinForms where you basically have a finite toolbox at your disposal (which can be extended with 3rd party toolsets, etc). There are a number of basic elements in HTML, but what they represent is more of a platform for building interfaces as opposed to a finite set of drag-and-drop controls. For example, you can style a div tag to be a large clickable button and attach some JavaScript to its click event to respond. You can extend this platform any way you see fit.

There are tools available, and I'm sure others will answer this question with perfectly good suggestions as such. But don't discount the idea of actually learning HTML and CSS. Being able to build your own interfaces will give you far more possibilities than just dragging controls onto a design surface.

You can start somewhere like CSS Basics, work your way to somewhere like the CSS Zen Garden, and find lots of help in between. Picking up a book or two on the subject would help as well.

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