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I'm working on a very large project that has associated class files in multiple directories, all stemming from the root dir \src.

I'm trying to compile a file in src\solution\ (called Console.java) that uses imports from other directories in the src, which are still uncompiled.

So if I want to compile Console.java outside of an IDE, how do I go about doing that? Oh yeah, I also have some external JARs which need to be included in the build.

Thanks! I appreciate it!

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I would look at using Ant to create a build script. It's a little bit of work now but it'll pay off over the lifetime of your project.

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javac comes with two options, that might help you her:

-c path/to/one/jar;path/to/another/jar
for libraries and
-s path/to/src/solution/java;path/to/src/test/java
for sourcefiles. It's worth a try.

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But this way (-s); I have to give all the folder names which contains java files rit ..? If i give root dir; Doesn't wont go search (.java) in sub directories for dependencies? –  Kanagavelu Sugumar Jul 2 '13 at 8:50

I'm a little unclear on your specific requirements, but what your asking is almost certainly possible. You might want to take a look at the javac options, and see what you can find that will help you.


For example, for the external .jars you need, those need to be included in your classpath using the -classpath option.

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