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I can open a daily list of school-reservations through a search with a monthcalendar. The form below shows me the result as a list of schools in the center-grid.

Form with a list of schools that made a reservation

This is the code I use to load the data to put into the grid (this is before noon)

var vReservationAM = (from oReservation in clsApplication._oDBConnection.tblReservations
                              where oReservation.StartTime >= mcCalendar.SelectionRange.Start.Date
                              && oReservation.StartTime < mcCalendar.SelectionRange.Start.Date.AddHours(12)
                              orderby oReservation.StartTime ascending
                              select oReservation);

For every school, I can see what kind of activities they asked for by clicking on the magnifying glass at the beginnning of the row. I then get the list of activities the school has asked for (see form below).

Form with a list of activities per school

When I open an acitivity I can change the data and it will be changed in the activity-list as well. So all works fine...except for one strange thing. When I add a new activity (see form below) it's not getting showed in the activity-list (see form above).

Form to add an activity

Even when I make a new search with the monthcalendar I can only see the activities that were already saved a previous time.

But when I look at the database I can see that the new activity has been saved.

I have to close my debugger and open it again before the data is being loaded and showed in the grid.

What can be the cause of this?

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None of your image links are working. – David Dec 27 '11 at 15:43
Without seeing any code (which would be very useful) my best guess is that you're not re-binding the data or in some way updating your UI after making your changes. – David Dec 27 '11 at 15:43
After you add your row, do you query again the database to refresh the information? – Gabriel GM Dec 27 '11 at 15:51
Is that necessary? I run the query again everytime I start a search-action by date (monthcalendar). I added the query I use. But that doesn't work. – B Fly Design Dec 27 '11 at 15:54
Copy your "This was the cause" into an answer and mark your question as answered. – dthorpe Dec 27 '11 at 17:25

Found it:

For filling up the grid with activities I ran this loop:

foreach (var oReservationDetail in _oReservationObject.ReservationData.tblReservationDetails)

I though the relational link in the database would always retrieve the latest data. Appearantely it does not. Once the link has been established it uses the same data.

I replaced it with this:

var vActivities = (from oReservationDetails in clsApplication._oDBConnection.tblReservationDetails
                           where oReservationDetails.ReservationID == _oReservationObject.ReservationData.ID
                           orderby oReservationDetails.StartTime ascending
                           select oReservationDetails);

foreach (var oReservationDetail in vActivities)
    fill the grid
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